Whoa! It's a new year, already! It feels like I've been preparing and using this planner kit forever. Here comes the Perfect Plan Kit, great value + printable planner bundle.

The reason why I've named this kit perfect is, that it's aiming for long-term and detailed plan both. Even though I do not like the word 'perfect' (I hate to hate myself being imperfect!) but I just had to choose this word. This kit helps you to make 'nearly' perfect plan, from daily to 3-year. We should dream big for a long-term and care about all the small plans and tasks for a short-term at the same time, and it's obviously hard quest. This organizer set will help you to keep focused on and to live a better life.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, students, homemaker, or whoever needs to feel organized. Also, minimal black & white design will be printed out greatly via home printers.

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