It isn’t hard to find a horizontal planner pages anymore. But whenever I tried to find a printable inserts that was fit for the 6 ring binder, in particular, it was quite surprisingly frustrating. You’re lucky, though, because you have this quality printable refills made by Paperly Kiss. Ring planners are so handy, it is incredibly customizable and easy to use, and also can come across as a new one only by changing a few pages of inner paper. Though I have many tasks to get done as a designer, my priority is always to produce this Weekly Horizontal Planner. It is to prepare for the next year perfectly.

I’ve been using this planner for two years, and it has been unbelievably useful! Just a few minutes before bedtime is enough to keep track of every day, and, as you can see the entire week at a glance, you can easily visualise the upcoming week and sketch your future tasks. It is, of course, fun to decorate each page with different stickers or calligraphy, too. Paperly Kiss’s own simple design is beautiful per se and also easy to add more decorations to.

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